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Sport Land carries top grade Flux footballs designed for professional use. No other brand can offer this level of quality at such an affordable price.

Flux footballs are produced with care from high grade materials. They are available as premium quality match balls or top of the line training balls.

They are ideal for use by schools, football clubs or any sporting enthusiast.

Technical Specifications

Flux Top Grade Training Football

training football romania

Top Training ball made of high gloss PU material.

It can be used both for Training and as an Amateur level Matchball.

The PU coating improves durability and possesses good shape and stability.

32 panel hand sewn.

Official Size and Weight.


44,70 RON


Premium Quality Matchball

matchball football romania

Professional Grade ball made of highly abrasion resistant material that possesses a very soft feel.

Designed for extreme weather conditions and all types of surfaces.

Strong interwoven lining fabric adds to the shape and stability while reducing water uptake to the maximum.

Hand sewn.

Official Size and weight.

Recommended for Top competitions and professional level games.


69,50 RON


no child labor

All of our field and court balls are child labour free and produced of the highest quality materials by skilled labourers. We know that you will be delighted with the quality and finish of our sports equipment.